Birthday Parties at the Keene Axe House

Have you been searching for a fun and exciting venue to host a Birthday Party?

Well, why not add some axe throwing fun into the mix? Axe throwing is the perfect way to make a birthday party go from exciting to unforgettable! With every throw, your guests will experience the adrenaline rush that this axe-kicking birthday activity brings to the party! 

So why exactly should you throw an axe throwing birthday party? The following reasons are why you should book your next birthday party at The Keene Axe House in Keene, NH:

1. Fun & Safety All in One

Contrary to popular belief, axe throwing is an extremely safe activity. The Keene Axe House staff is dedicated to teaching guests the proper axe throwing rules and techniques to hit the bullseye. Axe-throwing coaches are there every step of the way, supervising that everyone is ready to throw for real after the training. In other words, you have nothing to worry about as long as you’re working with professionals – which you are. It’s also important to remember that the axes are specially designed for throwing; their lightness makes them easy to carry and swing, perfect for guests of all ages. 

2. Easy to Learn!

Axe throwing is very beginner-friendly in that there is little technique involved. Most people pick up on it rather quickly, and others are natural lumberjacks; guests who as soon as they grab an axe, instinctively hurl magnificent throws! Jaime, The Keene Axe House owner can have you throwing bullseyes in minutes after your arrival!

3. Appropriate for all ages!

Not only is axe throwing fun for the adults in the party but for teenagers as well! Let’s get real, as your child gets older it just gets harder and harder to find something fun to do together. They are over the typical birthday party games like bouncy houses or sack races. Axe throwing is a great way to distance your children from the kiddish parties they no longer enjoy and bond over a new and exhilarating experience. Don’t be surprised when you are considered the cool parent from now on!

4. Have Fun with Party Themes!

From becoming lumberjacks for a day to escaping a horde of zombies with the help of your skillful aim, there is no shortage of birthday party themes to really make your birthday extra axe-citing! Want to add a whimsical twist? Plan a woodland-themed party! With a dash of creativity, the options become limitless.  

We bet you’ve never had a birthday party like a Keene Axe Throwing party! Our unique venue provides you and your guests of honor an unforgettable birthday party, and we’ve made it easy for you to book online!

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